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It’s Monday morning… and time for another blog interview. Today, let’s meet with Julienne aka Yeni R from HKFiles, who writes about life in Hong Kong. Her blog is home to a mix of food reviews, hikes and attractions – so it’s quite similar to my blog, but what I do love about her blog is that she always tries out very different places. So there’s always something I recognise and other places that I’ve never heard of or been to, like the Halloween Party at Hong Kong Disneyland or the tasty Hutong Brunch.

So without much further ado, let me introduce Yeni R and her blog HKFiles in her own words.


What made you start a blog? When did you start?
I’ve been blogging since I was a teenager, but of course back then it was different – mostly ranting and angst. Now blogging has become more commercialized and reader oriented as opposed to being something of a personal journal. I try to find the balance between expressing myself and giving readers something they’d want to read…

HK Files 1

Where do you get your inspirations from?
Life, in general: doing new and different things. I’m not a creature of habit. I like exploring and learning. Everyday, do something I haven’t done before, which gives me so many things to write about that I don’t even get to put a quarter of it on my blog. Probably not even 5%!

I’m also really lucky to be in media so I get invitations to loads of different events that I normally wouldn’t get as an independent blogger. I only accept maybe 1 of 20 invitations I receive…

HK Files 2

What has been a highlight from posting on your blog, any great achievements or successes you’d like to share?
I don’t think my blog is that big – there are loads of people out there who have thousands or even millions of followers. I don’t approach my blog as a career like some people do (maybe I should do!); I’m too lazy to bring a real camera to document anything… that’s probably one of my biggest hindrances to becoming a ‘real blogger’. I need to take better photos.

But anyway I’m answering the opposite of your question, aren’t I? Haha! Honestly, the highlight of blogging is when people find the things I post useful. When people tell me that my blog helped them to discover something new – or when they tell me they read my blog for inspiration, when I receive a message that I affected someone’s life positively… that makes me really happy and I consider those my biggest successes.

HK Files 3

What upcoming blog posts have you planned? Any topics that you are keen to address?
I want to start creating more video content! We’ll see if that will come to fruition. Maybe some tutorials, more hikes, events, etc. :-)

HK Files 4

What three places are must-visits when visiting Hong Kong?

  1. Chung Hom Kok Park for stargazing, although it is a pain in the butt to get to. It’s my secret place in HK…
  2. Cheung Sha Beach on Lantau Island
  3. Jardine’s Lookout

HK Files 5

What are your top three favourite blogs?
Weirdly, I never know how to answer this question. I’ll give three random ones:
http://wearevagabond.com/ – a project co-founded by my best friend Isabel Bengzon-Daez. Watch their beautiful story here
http://fashiontoast.com/ for outfit inspirations
http://instagram.com/goandwander – my friend who decided to quit a life of prediction for endless travel and adventure.


Thanks Yeni R, it was nice talking with you and learning more about your blog. I’m curious what you’ll experience in the next months, here in Hong Kong! Just keep blogging and I’ll keep on reading!

You can follow Yeni R on her food, drink & hiking adventures on her HKFilesblog, Facebook page and Twitter account.

[All pictures in this post belong to Yeni R at HKFiles]

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  1. Thanks Bluebalu! Btw I just realised “my friend who decided to quit a life of prediction” should be “life of predictability” – haha :>

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