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Review: Quick dumpling fix

This is one of the cheapest dumpling places in Hong Kong – and it is part of a chain. I don’t know the English name, but I can recognise the shop name and look. There is one on the way home on Wan Chai Road, which is a quick stop for me – I usually grab a seat and order my favourite set number 9.

This basically means you can pick 5 dumpling of one flavour and 5 dumplings of another, plus one soup for 34 HKD. If I add a drink like milk tea, it is another 8 HKD on top.

Dumplings in Wan Chai Road

The dumplings come either fried or steamed. Both are good. There are four flavours to choose from: (1) Pork (2) Pork and Leek (3) Yellow Curry and (4) Kimchi.

Dumpling fix 3

I usually order Yellow Curry and Kimchi – as these are so different from the usual dumplings I eat during lunch or with my colleagues. I often have the Kimchi ones steamed and the Yellow Curry ones fried, I think this works best to bring out their flavour.

Dumpling fix 4

I have tried different soups there, the hot & sour soup is ok – I prefer the pork or fish balls, as it is just served in a broth with some coriander leaves on top.

Dumpling fix 2

The food hits the spot, the service is quick and it is good value for money. It’s nothing special, certainly not something to invite friends too (it’s often crowded) but it is a safe choice if I’m hungry and need a quick fix.

There are shops all over Hong Kong, I know there’s at least one more in TST and I believe there was one in Causeway Bay too. There are probably tens more, but as I don’t know the shop’s name, I find it difficult to look for it online.

Will I go there again? Yes, the food is not amazing (it’s a chain that quickly steams or fry dumplings that have been delivered frozen) but it is quick and good value. I wish I could share the location, but all I know it is around 120 Wan Chai Road in Hong Kong.


4 thoughts on “Review: Quick dumpling fix”

  1. I love the dumplings here. As a vegetarian it is hard to find vegie food. I ate here everyday when I worked in HK last year. The place is called:
    8upway 八方雲集
    Dumpling Restaurant and Chinese Restaurant
    298 Hennessy Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
    It is a Taiwanese chain, cheap and cheerful. The one I went to is next to the Hong Kong Jockey club on Hennessy near the computer centre. Bus stop right out the front. I will be in HK staying in Wan Chai for a week from Oct 31. Let’s share some dumplings and I will also recommend the hot and sour soup. Just delicious. Hope to meet you soon. Tess

    1. Thanks for reminding me! Yes they do Vegetarian dumplings too. Although the address has changed (the shops just close down once the rent goes up) and the place is now on Wan Chai Road, it’s still very good!

  2. The chain is called 8upway and there is a branch on 298 Hennessy in Wan Chai, next to the hong kong jockey club.

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