Takayama: Miso and sake

Back to my posts about Japan. So after Kyoto, we travelled to Takayama. This is a small town, 110km northeast of Nagoya in the Central Alps. It used to be known for the skilled carpenters employed by emperors to build palaces and temples in Kyoto and Nara. Nowadays it is known for its small streets… Continue reading Takayama: Miso and sake


Tokyo: Sake barrels at Meiji Jingu

Down the path from the main entrance are two racks of ‘offerings’ to the Emperor and Empress. On the right side are beautifully decorated barrels of sake, donated each year for generations. The barrels are called 'kazaridaru', which means decoration barrels, as they are empty. I've read in one of the guide books that in… Continue reading Tokyo: Sake barrels at Meiji Jingu