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Review: Menya Musashi

Sorry – another Ramen post today. As you can tell, I do enjoy eating Ramen. Especially after a hike or workout session! However, this one was enjoyed after work and on my way to the HK Cultural Centre (to enjoy a concert). I was walking towards the Wan Chai Ferry Pier when I noticed that a new Ramen shop had opened.

menya musashi hong kong 2

I decided to give it a try, even though it was just after six o’clock and there was no one else there besides the waiter. While this is not always a good sign, I knew that the place was busy during lunch hour, so I figured it’s safe to try it in the evening. Plus, the good thing was that the waiter was very attentive and helpful. He pointed out which menu items we should try!

menya musashi hong kong 1

I went for the special ramen that was not on the menu. It came with BBQ ribs which were moist and very tasty. The meat almost fell of the bone! So yummy. The pork soup base was very strong, I like it that way. The noodles were cooked perfectly, with a nice spring to it. Overall I was extremely happy with my choice of ramen. Normally I would go for the spicy, red one. But in this case, the white one was perfect.

menya musashi hong kong 3

As a side order we shared some gyoza. The skin was a little too sticky for my taste, but apart from that the filling was nice. I felt it was a good dinner, in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. Perfect before the hustle and bustle on the star ferry to Wan Chai.

menya musashi hong kong 4

Will I go there again? Yes, especially for the quiet dinner time. At lunch it’s too hectic. Maybe they have lunch offers, I don’t know.

Menya Musashi
Shop no 101-103 & 101A-103A
1/F, Sun Hung Kai Centre, 30 Harbour Road, Wan Chai


2 thoughts on “Review: Menya Musashi”

  1. Sun Hung Kai Centre has an awesome promenade area full of restaurants, it’s too bad it never gets busy. The restaurants can’t even give their drinks away let alone sell anything during happy hours.

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