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Night Market – PMQ Central

Yesterday was the first night of the Night Market at PMQ Central – and it was a great opening night!

Nightmarket PMQ 1

The former Police Married Quarters (hence PMQ) in Central has been renovated and launched as a a creative hub for local design talent. The site is a grade three historical building, and consists of a a pair of expansive, functional buildings that were built in 1951. Let me write more about this in a future post – for today, let’s just focus on the opening night.

Nightmarket PMQ 11

At the moment, not all shops are open yet, but several are already in business. During the hours of the night market you can stroll around, have a drink downstairs, lean against the balcony upstairs and just soak in the atmosphere.

Nightmarket PMQ 3

Nightmarket PMQ 10

The centre section, the atrium area (which is covered by a high, arched roof) has been turned into an outdoor picnic area with a few popup stalls. The shops sell a wide range of good – from funky wooden furniture, over very colorful shoes to handmade jewellery and lovely dresses.

Nightmarket PMQ 4

Nightmarket PMQ 5

Nightmarket PMQ 6

Nightmarket PMQ 7

Next to the pop-up stalls are tables and benches – and a performance area. First, a guy was playing a guitar and singing songs. Then a group of belly dances appeared on stage. I’m sure if I had stayed longer, I would have witnessed more fun performances!

Nightmarket PMQ 8

Nightmarket PMQ 9

Next to the tables and benches are food and drink stalls. You can drink anything, from artisan beer over imported wine to strong coffee and coconut water (which I’ve become a big fan of recently). In fact, they even created cocktails using coconut water as the basis. How interesting! I wish I had taken pictures…

Nightmarket PMQ 12

Nightmarket PMQ 16

Nightmarket PMQ 17

Foodwise there are several options: Thai from Cafe Siam, German sausages from Flying Brats, BBQ from Brickhouse, Chinese pancakes from Mr. Bing, pulled pork sandwiches and lots of freshly baked good from my friends at The Mixing Bowl (you have to try their cinnamon buns, they are the best ones in Hong Kong).

Nightmarket PMQ 13

Nightmarket PMQ 14

Nightmarket PMQ 15

The Night Market is organised by the HK Market Organisation, which aims to promote the best of Hong Kong, be it fresh produce grown by Hong Kong’s most dedicated organic farmers, handcrafted goods made by local artisans, or the best local brands and bands. It is a great initiative and I suggest you visit the Night Market too!

The ground floor atrium of the newly-opened PMQ creative hub comes alive for the next six weekends – you’ll find live music and top DJs, food from top local restaurants, drink from the best wine and beer suppliers in the city as well as fashion and products from some of the city’s favourite local artists and designers.

Nightmarket PMQ 2

The night market runs today from 5pm to 11pm and tomorrow from 12 noon to 5pm. And then again the next weekend, and the following and the one after… until they stop. Check out their Facebook page and website for more info.

Night Market
PMQ Central, Aberdeen Street 5, Central
Friday: 6:00pm – 11:00pm
Saturday: 5:00pm – 11:00pm
Sunday: 12:00nn – 5:00pm


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