Singapore: Red House Seafood

Last time I visited Singapore I only had chili crab, so this time I had to try the golden crab. We visit the Red House Seafood restaurant. As soon as I had my trip dates confirmed, I booked a table at this busy place in Robertson Quay.

Red House Seafood, which is established way back in 1976, is a family run business – it started off as a single restaurant in a colonial house on Upper East Coast Road, which was a “Red House”, and it differentiated itself from other seafood places through red lanterns, which decorated the exteriors.

Overtime, customers began to identify Red House by the lanterns – so this became the name. The logo changed over time and now is a modern, minimalistic look of two bowls with rice in the middle (still looking like a lantern).

Red House Seafood Singapore logo

When we arrived, on a Saturday evening, the place was packed. So we were lucky that we had booked a table and that they gave us a quiet corner, next to the fish tanks. It was crazy to see the sheer amount of seafood sitting next to us – just waiting to be prepared for dinner.

Singapore Red House Seafood Restaurant 1

Of course, seafood is in the name of the restaurant, so that’s all we ordered and tried. We had different dishes to start with, but we were too hungry to pause and take pictures – all I remember is some spicy shrimp and a seafood soup. There was also some seafood rice and some vegetables. The food was fresh, tasted good and was enjoyable…

Singapore Red House Seafood Restaurant 2 Golden Crab

… but of course, the real highlight was the crab. We tried the fried crab with salted egg. That’s quite an acquired taste, at the first bite I was not sure if I would like it but then I thoroughly enjoyed it. The sauce is made out of egg yolks, garlic, chilli and curry leaves all mashed together. It was very tasty!

Singapore Red House Seafood Restaurant 3 Golden Crab


4 thoughts on “Singapore: Red House Seafood”

  1. I absolutely loved Red House seafood restaurant! Thankfully I used to live a short walk away, so could frequent it often and always bring my overseas guests to it. Didn’t try the salted egg crab though… stuck to the traditional Singapore chilli crab or black pepper crab. It does sound like it would be an acquired taste.

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