Singapore: Red House Seafood

Last time I visited Singapore I only had chili crab, so this time I had to try the golden crab. We visit the Red House Seafood restaurant. As soon as I had my trip dates confirmed, I booked a table at this busy place in Robertson Quay. Red House Seafood, which is established way back in… Continue reading Singapore: Red House Seafood

HK Island, Hong Kong, Restaurant Review

Review: Brunch at The Grill

What better way is there to spend a lazy Sunday with friends, good food, a big BBQ and lots of sunshine? None. So we decided to return to The Grill at the Grand Hyatt, which is located on the 11th floor next to the pool. It is a great open space in the middle of… Continue reading Review: Brunch at The Grill

HK Island, Hong Kong

Photography: Bowrington Road Market

Last Sunday, exactly a week ago, I was exploring the area south of Hennessy Road in Wan Chai. It was a grey and cloudy day, but it was a busy day at the Bowrington Road market. The market is located just off Canal Road on the border between Causeway Bay and Wan Chai and it… Continue reading Photography: Bowrington Road Market

HK Island, Hong Kong

Again: Hairy crab season in Hong Kong

Almost one year has passed since I wrote the post about hairy crab season in Hong Kong, and so it's time for this year's season. All over town you can see supermarkets stocked with special refrigerators to sell fresh hairy crabs that are still alive. Or if you go through the small streets in Central… Continue reading Again: Hairy crab season in Hong Kong

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Photography: Tai O People

What was really amazing in Tai O was the fact that we were there early – not early as in ‘first thing in the morning’, but early as in ‘before the tourists’ arrived. As beautiful as Tai O is, it is a popular tourist destination, often sold in combination with a visit to the Big… Continue reading Photography: Tai O People