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Hong Kong Marching Band Contest 2014

What to do if you’ve been to numerous concerts and exhibitions across Hong Kong? You try something different. That’s what we did – we went to see the Hong Kong Marching Band Contest this Saturday (Dec 27) at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium in Wan Chai.

Marching Band Contest Hong Kong 2014-1

This might not be your usual cup of tea, but it is quite an interesting experience – it’s an afternoon of kids and teenagers playing in a marching band and with a couple of cheerleaders (or dancers) to accompany them.

Marching Band Contest Hong Kong 2014-2

Marching Band Contest Hong Kong 2014-3

For prices from 40 HKD onwards it is a cheap and cheerful entertainment – especially on a day with light drizzle, as it happened to be this Saturday and Sunday. Only downside was that the masters of ceremony only spoke in Cantonese, so we did have to guess what they were announcing!

Marching Band Contest Hong Kong 2014-4

Marching Band Contest Hong Kong 2014-5

Of course, the teams that won the public vote were the youngsters – the tiny kids that seemed too small to actually walk and play the drum at the same time. It was impressive to watch, they had practised so hard and were all in sync! I would not have been able to do this, not at their age and not at my age today!

Marching Band Contest Hong Kong 2014-6


3 thoughts on “Hong Kong Marching Band Contest 2014”

  1. The issue with such events is that they are not easy to find. Finding them seems to be hit and miss, especially if you do not speaking Cantonese. I would have loved to go to this one if I had heard about it.

    How did you find out ?

    1. Totally agree – the only way we found out about this event was through the ticket sale on Cityline. Otherwise you probably would have to subscribe to the newsletters of the event locations and scan for anything that might be of interest to you!

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