Hanoi: Street Food

What I love about visiting Vietnam is that I can eat so much great food - and don't put on any weight. All the salads, rice rolls and fresh herbs are so light and tasty, most of the dishes I eat tend to be steamed or boiled and there is only little fat and oil.… Continue reading Hanoi: Street Food


Hanoi: Cộng Càphê’

Hanoi is a city for coffee lovers - there is barely a street in the capital without a café. You can get coffee at any time of the day or night, and it is usually strong, rich and with a typical nutty taste that resembles Vietnamese coffee for me. There is no Starbucks or similar… Continue reading Hanoi: Cộng Càphê’


Hanoi: Dong Xuan and Cho Hôm markets

Street markets are one thing in Hanoi, the other thing are all the big markets that are dotted around the town. Dong Xuan market in the northern part of the Old Quarter is huge - it has at least three levels across three buildings (from what I could tell and explore). At the bottom vendors… Continue reading Hanoi: Dong Xuan and Cho Hôm markets


Hanoi: Street markets

There are so many markets in Hanoi - it's difficult not to visit them. I love all the small street markets that seem to are dotted around the city - you just walk a few steps and suddenly in a corner or alleyway is a market with young girls and old ladies selling local produce.… Continue reading Hanoi: Street markets

Hong Kong, Vietnam

Hanoi: Quan Ba flower night market

Back to my posts about Hanoi...While our main plan was to only relax in Hanoi and drink Vietnamese coffee, we agreed that we would spend one day photo shooting. We decided to get up at 4am in the morning, so we could visit the Quan Ba flower market. This is a wholesale flower market which… Continue reading Hanoi: Quan Ba flower night market


Hanoi: Hoan Kiem Lake and Water Puppet Theater

Even if you don't see all the temples or pagodas in Hanoi, one thing you can't miss is the Hoan Kiem Lake - it's right in the centre of the historical centre of Hanoi. It is one of the scenic spots in the city. The Hoan Kiem Lake was once a part of the Red… Continue reading Hanoi: Hoan Kiem Lake and Water Puppet Theater