Hong Kong, Kowloon

Photography: Hot chestnut vendors

The following pictures were taken on a cold day in Sham Shui Po - but they could have been taken in several places in and around Hong Kong. It's not an uncommon sight to see a vendor selling roasted chestnuts or even sweet potatoes, there are quite a few in Hong Kong. Often, when I… Continue reading Photography: Hot chestnut vendors

Hong Kong

Interview with StyleBriefHongKong

Today I'm featuring a blog I recently discovered while searching for information about Chinese letter boxes: StyleBriefHongKong. This is a great blog about life in Hong Kong - with amazing pictures that always capture my full attention. Even if I might have walked past the place or shop before, Belinda and Ingrid show it in… Continue reading Interview with StyleBriefHongKong

Hong Kong

Photography: Bangkok (again)

A few weeks ago we've spent another weekend in Bangkok - just to relax, enjoy some amazing Thai food and have a good time with friends. It was another good time to take some interesting pictures. First of all, I really love the food stalls that you can find all over town (and all over… Continue reading Photography: Bangkok (again)

HK Island, Kowloon

Star Ferry and Sunset

Now that Patrick and I both are enjoying photography more and more we go out frequently with our cameras to hunt for great pictures. On one occasion we noticed it was a really hot and sunny day, with clear views - but we had plans to meet with our friends for drinks and then later… Continue reading Star Ferry and Sunset