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Hiking: Sir Cecil’s Ride

This is a very easy hike - a good stroll if it it's too hot or you just don't feel like climbing up all the steps to Mount Parker or Mount Butler. The hike starts at Quarry Bay MTR station. Take exit A, turn right, and you will find yourself walking along the King’s Road… Continue reading Hiking: Sir Cecil’s Ride

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Hiking: Wan Chai loop

A few Saturdays ago I joined the Hong Kong Hiking MeetUp group for a hike around Mount Cameron - it was an interesting hike, as I've never done the full loop before and it also included some bushwhacking. It was totally worth it. We started at the Hopewell Centre and walked up the steep slope… Continue reading Hiking: Wan Chai loop

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Hiking from Tung Chung to Discovery Bay

I've already posted about a number of hikes in and out of Discovery Bay. By far the most popular one is the Mui Wo route, as it is easy to walk and only takes 1.5-2 hours. I've written about it in 2011, when I first came to Hong Kong, then in 2012 when I hiked… Continue reading Hiking from Tung Chung to Discovery Bay

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Night hike: Wan Chai to Aberdeen

After weeks of laziness I'm back on the hiking trails - and I discovered a new night hike route that I really like (I should add it to my list of favourite night hikes). It runs from Wan Chai to Aberdeen via Bennett Hill and is short (6km), but fast. The hike starts at Hopewell… Continue reading Night hike: Wan Chai to Aberdeen

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Hiking: 3 Peaks to the Buddha

This was a very fun but also hard hike - together as a group we decided to tackle the three highest peaks on Lantau all in one go. We started at 8.30am in the morning in Tung Chung and immediately we were climbing up the steps to access the Lantau North Country Park, to reach… Continue reading Hiking: 3 Peaks to the Buddha

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Moontrekker 2013 is over

What a fantastic night this was - Moontrekker is so much more than just a race, it really is a big event that is built around a great team of organisers and volunteers and racers that participate for so many different reasons. There are those that want to beat last year's time, others who are… Continue reading Moontrekker 2013 is over

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My favourite hikes for Chung Yeung

Today is the Chung Yeung festival, it is the final holiday this year before Christmas. The Chung Yeung Festival falls on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month (which happens to be today). Similar to the Ching Ming Festival in spring, the Chung Yeung Festival is when entire families congregate at cemeteries to engage… Continue reading My favourite hikes for Chung Yeung